Video of our first ski touring day of the season – South French Alps

Sunday 6th of December 2020:

After two snow falls, Friday 4th Dec and Saturday 5th Dec, I decided to ski the North West side of Clôt Ginoux, near home, in the remote and wild mountain range of les Monges.

Only 20 to 30 cm of fresh snow as a first layer, is enough for this route since the soil is essentially grass and very few stones.
Still we decided to take the B skis for this occasion.
Clôt Ginoux is a 600 to 700 m climb, never too steep (max 25 degrees), ideal for beginners and starting ski touring.
It is also one of my favourite routes when snow conditions are too dangerous re avalanche risks else where.

The view on the top is really open and offers magnificent vista over the Ecrins National Park (North) , the Blanche mountain range (East)  and the hills of Provence all the way to Mont Ventoux (West and South West).

On the Map

Voir en plein écran

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