Undiscovered French Riviera

Physical rating: Moderate  to Active 

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From 16 years old - Group size: 4-12

Accomodation: Standard 

Nice Sea Front

When you arrive, make your way to hotel "Wilson", a 5 minute walk from the seafront. Nice one of the prettiest cities on the French Riviera, is a popular destination for couples, honeymooners and sun-worshipers. The city is modern but maintains its character through the cobbled streets and chic shops. Meet up with your tour guide for your evening meal in one of the local restaurants.

La Brigue, Medieval village

Day 2 - TRANSFER TO LA BRIGUE, Roya Valley
Firstly, we will move to the hotel "Fleur des Alpes" in La Brigue, near the "Mercantour National Park". On arrival choose one of the following activities:

  • A self guided hike over La Brigue up to "La Baisse de Peluna" (max 3.5hrs).
  • An escorted sight-seeing trip to "Notre Dame des Fontaines" chapel, which is the French equivalent to the Sistine Chapel. 
rock bronze-age engraving

Day 3 - DISCOVER the Mercantour National Park
The “Vallée des Merveilles” is a unique site in Europe enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site. Choose one of the following activities:

  • A four-wheel drive guided excursion with some light hiking. (2hrs max)
  • Self guided hiking trip- explore your surroundings and hike up to "Mont Bego" (6hrs max)

Day 4 - ITALY, Trip to Dolceacqua the Gem of Italy's Nervia valley
"Dolceacqua" is a beautifully picturesque village with echoing memories flooding through the old streets. An old "Castello" (castle) dominates the scene and there is a meandering river trickling through the village. For history enthusiasts, visit "San Giorgio's" church and the remains of the Augustinian Fathers' monastery. For a taste of Italian culture, it may be nice to do some wine tasting as the area is home to one of the best Italian wines on the market.

Follow the guide!

Day 5 - TENDE, the French/ Italian fortified mountain town
The tour will continue by train to "Tende", a quaint Italian village. Choose one of the following afternoon activities:

  • A guided walk back to "La Brigue" where there are magnificent views over the valley.
  • Enjoy and explore the village of "Tende" and take the train back to "La Brigue" when you are ready.

Optional: There are many activities available in "Tende"

Enjoy local food!

Return to Nice with your guide and enjoy the culture and beauty that resides in the city. There are markets, shops, cafes, bars and many fine restaurants. You can also walk the promenade (the coastline) and enjoy the sound of the Mediterranean lapping on the french shores. Optional:

  • Visit the Marc Chagall museum, which houses some beautiful biblical paintings.
  • Visit the Matisse museum which is in the form of a 17th century Italian house.

Lets all go to Monaco, a gorgeous coastal town just a little train journey up the French Riviera. There is a walking trail to "Cap Martin" which provides glorious views over the land and sea scape (3hrs max). Optional activities are listed below:

  • Visit the exotic gardens, an enchanted place which overhangs the Monaco coastline (€7.50 per person).
  • Go to the aquarium, which houses over 4,000 different species, including 200 different invertebrates (€14 per person).
Undiscovered French Riviera

Day 8 -  FAREWELL!
Choose to leave Nice whenever you wish.

Access Routes to holiday destinations:

By plane:

-From Dublin access to Nice and Marseilles.
-From London access to Nice and Marseilles.
-From Glasgow access to Marseilles.
-From Liverpool access to Nice.
-From Birminghan access to Marseilles and Nice.
-From Manchester access to Marseilles and Nice.
-From New-York access to Nice

By high speed train

-Access to Marseilles Gare Saint Charles
-Direct from Paris Gare de Lyon

Regular bus shuttles From Nice airport and Marseilles airport to Nice city center.


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