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Our offer

Our offer

France Outdoors offers guided and self-guided tours tailored to each individual or group.

We offer many choices and standards of accommodation from full board to self catering. We provide optional activities to those included in our packages.

You can try extreme sports like white water rafting and paragliding, snowshoeing, skiing, cross country skiing or just relax in one of the most beautiful locations in France. Try our selected trips and explore some of the finest Provence walks.


PRESS RELEASE: Click here to see the latest article about our Snowshoe Trek featured in the Irish magazine Outsider, Autumn 2010 issue. You can also see the digital edition of the magazine here.




Sustainable tourism, Eco-tourism

We are committed to delivering a high standard of service to our customers. We have established a large network of hotels and restaurants (Links 1 , links 2 & partners) so each guided activity tour in the Provence Alps is new and exciting.

Our team of local guides are eager to make every family holiday or hiking vacation memorable by sharing their knowledge of the Alpine culture, including the flora, fauna and local architecture. At France Outdoors we strive to make the guided walking holidays, guided winter walking holidays and snowshoeing excursions fun for all.

The multifaceted terrain offers the discovery of beautiful vineyards, historical sites and antique villages. Whether you fancy a long weekend away on the Mediterranean coast or a physically challenging trek through the French Alps, we have a tour to suit you.



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Our newsletters offer an insight into the Provence Alps region and information about our upcoming trips. From summer hikes on the mountains to snowshoeing trips, we invite you to read our latest offers and start planning your next vacation.

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Sept 2019

St Véran Snowshoeing

Sept 2019

Alpine Gr5 Trek

October 2019

Winter Walking in Cogne

October 2019

Snowshoeing in the Dolomites

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Explore and Discover the French Alps

France Outdoors was founded on the following principles...

  • Respect for nature

  • Physical activity

  • Cultural exchange

France Outdoors is located in the Provence Alps region and is owned and run by locals. Each trip is designed according to the individual, group or family and is customizable to their requirements.


During the winter season, you can go snowshoeing or skiing in the Alps. In the Spring/Summer seasons you can go cycling, mountain biking, climbing or hiking through the Provencal terrain.


We are constantly updating our offers to grant more unique travel experiences, like the "Tour de France" cycling challenge. We design our trips for the Provence Alps region and other spectacular locations such as Nepal, Morocco, Italy, Corsica, Spain, French Pyrenees and Mont Blanc. Wherever you choose, France Outdoors will strive to make your trip unforgettable.





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